Cross Training

Cross training is a great way to increase your fitness while allowing your body to recover.  If all you do is run, you will most likely eventually develop an injury.  Cross training not only increases your overall fitness, it also helps prevent injuries.  Strive to add in cross training two or more days per week.

Types of potential cross training activities

Cross Trainers

Cross Training Machines low impa

Cross training machines provide low impact cardio and strength benefits.

Weight Training

Weight Lifting for Cross Training

Strength training is important for any fitness regiment.  If you don't belong to a gym, there are many ways to strength train at home.  Don't lift on run days.

Winter Sports

Snowshoe Winter Cross Training

If you live in northern climates, snow showing, skating and cross county skiing provide low impact fitness and gets you outside.


Biker biking cross training

Biking is one of the best ways to cross train.  Your legs will get stronger and you'll gain cardio fitness.  Wear your helmet.


Swimmer swimming cross training

Swimming is great exercise.  The "I Used To Hate Running Plan" works for swimming.  It is easy to increase your swimming distance just by swimming consistently.


Yoga cross training

Yoga helps you increase the strength and elasticity of your muscles.  It is a great cross training activity.